Anthracite Grey Windows – Why are they so popular all of a sudden?

For years now, we’re talking at least a hundred years, the standard window colour that everyone had has been white. If you walk down your street, I would put money on every window being white as it is that common.

So, why is there this sudden upswing in Anthracite windows? 

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More and more we are seeing people opt for Anthracite Grey Foiled PVC over the standard white PVC.


The main reason now is as simple as people wanting to stand out. Anthracite Grey is a neutral colour that blends well with a huge variety of brick colours, just like white does. Couple that with the big boom in dual-foiled PVC, it means people can have their windows grey on the outside and white on the inside. That means you don’t have to worry about what colour you decorate your rooms.

These are very straight forward reasons, but is there another reason behind the boom in Anthracite Grey?

Well, there is one theory relating to the increasing popularity of Aluminium doors. More and more people are putting bi fold doors or sliding doors to the back of their house, or aluminium front doors in place of their composite or pvc front doors. This is mainly down to the increased security and more modern look that Aluminium doors provide us.

Yet, Aluminium windows are still not taking off at the same rate. This could mainly be down to a cost issue – a good quality aluminium window has traditionally cost a lot more than PVC and yet they can’t provide anywhere near the same level of thermal protection to your home.

How do you get around that issue of cost and thermal efficiency? Put a PVC window in that is the same colour as the aluminium and you’re on to a winner. Anthracite Grey in particular, with its dark tones, helps to blend the materials together meaning you often can’t tell that one is Aluminium and one is PVC.

This means you get the thermal efficiency of PVC with the great modern look to match the aluminium doors. Plus, the cost is significantly less.

All winning points, right?

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Is the popularity of Anthracite Grey PVC windows linked to the increase in demand for Aluminium Bi Fold doors?


There is always a reason as to why trends become popular, but the trends that stick around usually end up dominating the industry. It happened with white windows once upon a time, often only seen in high-end estates.

The truth is, Antracite Grey windows haven’t become popular suddenly over-night. They have been eating into the industry for a couple of decades now. It is just that enough people now have them that it feels like we are seeing them crop up everywhere. Plus, it is all about awareness – once you see one house with Anthracite Grey, you suddenly see them everywhere.

Now that the cost of aluminium windows is starting on a downward trend price-wise we could see the market swing toward them, but that is still a way off yet. So, for the time being the best way to update the look of your home and stand out from the rest is Anthracite Grey PVC windows.

If you would like to have a look at some examples of anthracite grey then you can see a selection of different styles in our showroom. So, feel free to pop in and have a look!