“I need a new door before Christmas!”



Has your builder told you they are ready for your Origin Bi Fold door to be delivered? Or perhaps you absolutely have to have a brand new Solidor Front Door delivered before Christmas?

Well, we have some good news for once. At the moment we can still guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery of all Popular Solidor Ranges and Colours, as well as all Origin OB49 and OB72 Bi Folds. Plus, any of our Vevo uPVC windows and doors are fully available and can be delivered within 7 working days!

There is a lot of talk out in the industry at the moment about supplies running out, and we can’t control those products that are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. But the shortage of supplies doesn’t affect every product we sell – quite the opposite in fact. The vast majority of our range of Aluminium, uPVC and Composite products are all still available for delivery before Christmas. But time is running out!

So, below we will take a look at all of the products we can still get hold of and, providing no supernatural or pandemical interference, the date with which we can still guarantee that it will be delivered out in time for your installer to get them in and sealed tight for a warm and cosy Christmas with the family.


Product Availability

Vevo uPVC windows and doors:                           Order by 14th December 2020


Halo Flush Sash uPVC Windows:                        Order by 20th November 2020


Smart Aluminium Bi Fold and Sliding Doors:  Order by 20th November 2020


Sheerline Aluminium Windows:                          Order by 20th November 2020


Solidor Composite Front Doors:                           Order by 1st December 2020 for Single Doors

                                                                                    Order by 24th November 2020 for French Doors


Origin Doors OB49, OB72, OS44 and OS77:      Popular Colours Order by 11th December 2020

                                                                                    Special Colours Order by 20th November 2020


Origin Windows OW80 and OW70:                     Popular Colours Order by 11th December 2020

                                                                                    Special Colours Order by 20th November 2020

Origin Front Doors:                                                 Popular Colours Order by 11th December 2020


Keylite Windows:                                                     Order by 7th December 2020


Guardian Warm Roofs:                                           Order by 23rd November 2020 (Site Delivery Only)


Icotherm Warm Roofs:                                           Order by 1st December 2020 


Stratus Roof Lanterns:                                            Order by 20th November 2020


All above dates are based on information provided at time of writing. If any products are not listed above, such as our Hurst Composite Doors, this means they are on an especially long lead times at current and will not be able to be delivered prior to Christmas. If you do have any queries about any products please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Should you require an installation from our Partnered Installers – Sightline Solutions – then please bear in mind that it is likely they will not be able to fit in any more fits before Christmas. If you would like to enquire as to their availability then please get in touch.