Aluminium Windows by Sheerline look set to change the industry…

There is a lot of excitement around the windows and doors industry right now as the new Sheerline range of aluminium windows from Garnalex launches around the country. Aluminium windows have been pretty much the same for years now. Similar assembly to PVC windows, which were based on timber frames before that. The necessity of glazing beads being a running theme throughout.

So, what exactly is it that makes Sheerline so special? Why are they causing such a stir?

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Unrivalled Security for an aluminium window…

Garnalex are declaring ‘unrivalled security built into the heart of every window’, and they have the ‘Secured by Design’ stamp of authority to back themselves up, when selecting laminate glass options. Either way, every Sheerline window carries PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation included. To say it has made the industry stand up and pay attention is an understatement.

The real standout feature of Sheerline’s Classic range is the elimination of the glazing beads. Their patented corner jointing system securely locks the glass away removing one of the weakest points of a window’s structure – another benefit for security. Plus, reglazing a window is now even easier with no risk of damaging the glazing beads as you replace them. With the removal of a few screws from the corner of the sash, you can then slide the glass out.  This new glazing method is coupled with their high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors to really make sure that there is no window in its class that is as secure.


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Thermavic® Technology Keeping You Snug…

Despite being an ultra-thin aluminium window, Sheerline’s Classic windows can hit a U-value of 1.4 W/(m2K) when double glazed.

“But how is that possible?” I hear you ask. Well, Sheerline’s Thermavic® multi-chamber thermal design provides innovation that keeps the cold out and the warmth in. A closed cell insulation chamber acts as a thermal break. Meaning, when working in conjunction with high-performance double glazing, it brings you a far better thermal efficiency than traditional polyamide thermal breaks. Plus, you get the same technology in the cills too. There is no corner cutting here.

Find out more about Thermavic® here

                               Sheerline aluminium windows Example       Sheerline aluminium windows Example 

                               Sheerline aluminium windows Example       Sheerline aluminium windows Example


Traditional or Contemporary…

Sheerline windows give you the ability to choose the style you want. Whether you are looking for something closer to the sculptured profile of windows, or a more contemporary chamfered-like finish. That gives you the ability to choose a style that suits you without compromising on all that high security and thermal efficiency. Plus, it’s manufactured in the most energy-efficient aluminium window facility in the UK.


Verdict on Sheerline aluminium windows…

Here at Window Monkey we are struggling to see what the downsides are to this product. Thanks to Garnalex you can now go for that ultra-modern style without compromising on security. There is a great range of colours to choose from and we wouldn’t be surprised if there are more to come in the future. Plus, if they can do all of this with windows, what if they turn their attention to other things? Front doors, bi folds or sliders – it’s worth hypothesising as it could be really exciting for the future of the industry.

So, what is it that makes Sheerline so special? Well… it’s all about innovation. This has the potential to be the biggest change to the Windows and Doors industry since PVC really took off.

Sure, it’s still not as thermally efficient as PVC. But a UValue of 1.4 in Aluminium is frankly insane and their glazing method is exceptional. So we’re excited to see how it performs out there in the wild, and we have a few samples in the showroom to show to you if you want to hear more!



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