Roof Lanterns
by Window Monkey

With the option of either uPVC frame, Aluminium or frameless profile on our Roof Lanterns – here at Window Monkey we can supply whichever Roof Lantern is right for you.

Looking for something more Thermally efficient? Then uPVC is the ideal candidate.

Perhaps you need something that looks a lot more modern and you want something a little stronger? It’s all about Aluminium.

Maybe you want something to give that wow factor? Perhaps ‘bar-less’ could be right for you? The internal finish of our glass to glass joints creates a sleek, ‘frameless’ contemporary aesthetic that is truly jaw-dropping.

External noise reduction

Increased security

Low maintenance option

Tough, sturdy and durable

Energy efficent to save money

Our Stratus Aluminium roof lanterns are double glazed in clear toughened safety glass as standard, with options of blue, bronze or grey tinting. Every unit is included with easy clean glass to ensure the glass stays looking as great as possible, for as long as possible. Available in a range of colours, you are sure to find the roof lantern that best suits your property.

Our Aluminium Roof Lanterns are all made to order and so we are unable to show prices here – please give us a call or drop us an email if you would like a quote for your project.

Roof Lantern and Bi Fold Door

Frameless Roof Lanterns


For one of the most ultra-modern looks, look no further than one of the slimmest design on the market today. Our Frameless Roof Lanterns provide more light transmittance than most by getting rid of those bulky and obtrusive bars, and in the process lowering the U values significantly and making them look fantastic. With a glass of just 1.0 U, glass to glass joins and thermal foam barriers, these Lanterns will keep you warm and dry even in the most miserable of British Winters. The Solar reflective self cleaning glass you never have to worry about streaks and rain drops staining the glass, plus it keeps the suns UV rays down to a minimum!

Frameless Roof Lantern

Frameless Flat Rooflights

If there is one thing you can be sure will add a big wow factor to your property it has to be ultra-modern Frameless Flat Rooflights. This is a sure-fire way to maximise the light pouring into your room and keep everything easily maintainable at the same time. The slight gradient to each window will allow any rainwater to run off the easy clean glass and the lack of ridges as seen in traditional roof lanterns means that, when you do have to clean it, life is oh so simple.

Frameless Flat Rooflight 

Prices below are supply-only for any standard sizes, please give us a call if you require something outside normal manufacturing sizes

Frameless Roof Lantern

Prices below are supply-only for any standard sizes, please give us a call if you require something outside normal manufacturing sizes